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Request for membership form, Questions, Address Changes or winter Address information can be done at the bottom of this page.

5/19/2016 The election is final.
The URGE executive board officers are as follows. A Big Thank You to all who participated and helped with the election process.
President - Mary Bland (unopposed)
First Vice - Sherry Murphy (unopposed)
Second Vice - David Halstead (unopposed)
Financial Secretary - Leon Noack (unopposed)
Recording Secretary - Melissa Stemple (unopposed)
Trustees -
David Hall - 1st
Mike Mooney (incumbent) - 2nd
Linda DeFlorio (incumbent) - 3rd (alternate)
Mark Bezinque (incumbent) - 4th (alternate)

For application for Hardship funds click on the link to print a copy. Hardship Fund

Newsletter has been mailed, if you have not received yours in a short time please contact us through either the form below, email or phone the office. In your message state your name and correct mailing address so we can try to correct the matter.

2/18/2016 It was a good members meeting with a good turnout. At the meeting a vote passed to change the Constitution and By-Laws. The change will be made changing the U.R.G.E Executive Board officers to be reduced of  1 Trustee and 1 Alternate Trustee. This reduction will be effective in our up-coming election.
   A request was made that we have the hardship fund form on our web site. I was in error in stating that it already was. I will attempt to have a copy of the form ASAP. in the meantime you could request a form from cornerstone, their contact information is on our help and links page.

update to news page at bottom. Thank you Melissa Stemple for you work on the list of deceased fellow workers.

All City of Flint and Hurley retirees please note:  letters were sent out to retirees by the City of Flint through URGE's negotiation with them.  Unfortunately, there seems to be some confusion and some retirees did not receive the correct letter.
Any retiree who had URGE dues deducted from their pension in 2012 will not need to do anything if they want MERS to deduct $6 per month from their pension starting in November for URGE dues.  This will result in a $3 savings to retirees.  Please read Notification Letter...

All other retiree's should have received the FERS/MERS form letter and the membership application.
For your convenience, I have included copies of all the forms. Links are in Blue above.
After carefully reading the forms and you still have questions, please call me between noon and 8 p.m. Michigan time at 810-234-0913.
Mary Bland

Funeral services will be held 3PM on April, 30, 2015 at Sharp Funeral Homes, Miller Road Chapel, 8138 Miller Road Swartz Creek. Pastor Kevin Harbin officiating. Visitation will take place from 1PM until the time of service - See more at: http://obits.mlive.com/obituaries/flint/obituary.aspx?n=donald-phillips&pid=174730035&fhid=4728#sthash.15x5KS2w.dpuf

1/5/2015 By now everyone should have received a letter from the city explaining eligibility for the hardship fund. Let us know if you have not. If the  terms of the hardship fund are unreasonable or impossible to be meet please explain in writing and send to us at URGE.

For those who have received the new letter regarding Express Scripts. At this time you need not respond to this per the mailing itself. For those who have prescription plan that have a set co payment protected by Judge Hayman's permanent injunction, please inform URGE if you are made to pay more than you are supposed to. Benistar is handling express strips, the phone number is on the help page under links.

September 11 2014. In regard to the Cities recent mailing for Medical cost follow link Hard Cap. Also just a tip to consider, As an option, some members are opening a separate bank account specifically for this payment.  I would suggest you direct your bank to make automatic payments to this account monthly.  You should put in slightly more than the payment when opening the account so that the account does not become overdrawn.

July 16 2014 Board meeting.
We are requesting Urge members or their spouses that are being made to leave their city health insurance due to employment that offers health care to contact us. Please Email urgemembers@yahoo.com with this information as follows. Name of retiree and division retired from, Date of retirement, who is being made to change retiree or spouse, New costs incurred by the change, Employer offering different health coverage and your phone number that you can be reached at. In the email subject line please put Kicked out of insurance Thank You.

Posted Feb, 23rd 2014. Mary Bland
A Motion has been filed in regard to the recent letter sent by the city of Flint. You can read it here Motion

October 10th 2013
Urge dues have been raised to $75

Payment for dues for next year are payable November 1st, this will cover dues between November 1st through October 31st.

From the President                                                                                           Feb. 28, 2012

More than ever, now is the time to join URGE.  Currently URGE is going to court to stop the City from requiring a $100 prescription co-pay on "Tier 3 Drugs."  This could result in great hardship for retirees.  URGE will only represent members in this case.

  If you are not having your dues paid monthly out of your M.E.R.S. pension, In order to remain a member in good standing please send your payment of the full amount $75. Make checks payable to URGE Local1, Send payment to mailing address P.O. Box 65 Flint MI 48501

To Become a member

Please Print this form Membership. Fill it out then mail it to the address at the top of the application. If you are not able to do this then Contact Us below and we will make sure you receive a form. Thank You.

About Us 

 United Retired Governmental Employees Or U.R.G.E.

U.R.G.E was founded February 21st, 1974,

U.R.G.E. was formed to assist in advancing the position of retired governmental workers 

The major purpose of U.R.G.E. is to help those persons attempting to survive on a pension 

The concept of U.R.G.E. was first introduced on May 25th, 1971, by a group of eight Flint Firefighters, who were later joined by 45 retired Flint Police Officers.

U.R.G.E has helped to advance retired governmental workers in Flint and elsewhere. 

 Board Members

Mary Bland

1st Vice President.
Sherry Murphy

 2nd Vice President.
David Halstead

Recording Secretary.
Melissa Stemple

Financial Secretary.
Leon Noack

Linda DeFlorio

Marc Peterson

Mark White

Alternate Trustees.
Mark Bezinque

 Mike Mooney

Contact Us 

Use form at bottom 
Phone (810)743-4631

Email address:

Our mailing address is P.O. Box 65 Flint MI 48501

Testing the water with a facebook page for conversation among members

Our office is located in the 
Dort Mall at 3600 S. Dort Hwy, Flint, MI 48507 
across from the Star Coney Island Restaurant

Contact Information

Please submit any questions you may have here. Please fill in enough information that will allow us to contact you back. If you have a change of address please inform us here also winter addresses can be added here. Thank You

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